Organization of events


“Just like home!”
If You wish to organize an event, where You can taste well-known foods in a comfortable atmosphere, please feel free to contact us and request the services of É Catering.

One of the main goals of É Catering is to introduce the famous cuisine of the Carpathian Basin to the public and to conserve and hand-down the ancient Hungarian gastronomy. In our meat dishes our Guests will find the full repertoire from the mangalica pork to the game meet. Our spices and raw material include savory, sage, chick-pea, and lentil. Our dishes include hominy, semolina pudding, hash, egg-plant cream, different vegetable dishes and even stew, which our Aranysapka award owner chefs try to serve in harmony with the dishes of the modern cuisine. We prepare our meals according to well-kept recipes. We also serve the well-known international meals with wines from the finest wine areas of Hungary.

Our venue design is influenced by art deco elements designed by our professional designer for your comfort making it ideal for any kind of elegant event. Functionality, cool elegance, simple, regular lines, expensive materials, vivid colors
We favored mostly wood, lace and textile combined with different shades of our own colors plus natural colors.

We offer the services of the Éden Express Service as well.
If you order an event, we will have it ready in 4 hours.

Choose a venue according to event type and number of attendants.
We provide all necessary sound, lighting, stage craft and decoration.
We are considered to be specialists in organizing private, business and mass events.


With over 15 years of experience in organizing entertainment programs and a reliable network of contacts our partner offers a wide range of programs to choose from. Thanks to our long-term contacts we constantly receive new assignments to coordinate and organize programs during events. Besides promoting the programs we are able to provide technical background (lighting, sound, stage, pyrotechnics, projectors etc.) even for events lasting for days based on the needs of the customer.

Our creative and skilled team helps to coordinate the artists on the spot and we are available throughout the events. During events that last several days we are present from start to finish and handle all artist related tasks.
If you need more information, we will happily send you our nation wide event and program offers. With our long-term contracts we guarantee a successful organization.

Our customers must notify the Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of Authors’ Rights() of the event.